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Concentrated Populations Lead to Spatial Issues
Car Lifts in Canada Canada is known for its rugged terrain, picturesque landscapes, varied cultures and friendly people. Despite having a lower population per square mile than most other populous countries (such as China and India), Canada still has highly concentrated areas that have been known to cause spatial issues that need to be addressed quickly and efficiently. The population growth rate is relatively low for all of Canada, but it is very high for populous cities such as Toronto and Vancouver.
One of those main issues is having enough housing in big cities and as a result of increased housing, adequate parking. The plans and designs for new housing buildings are normally very quickly formulated and work begins in a very timely manner due to the high demand. Parking planning can sometimes be an afterthought.
It is very important to also plan on providing adequate parking when drawing up plans for a residential building. The parking solution should be planned with care in order to maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In some instances when enough effort and research is put into planning the best parking solution, enough space is left over for more residential units or in some cases retail units. So not only is it possible to find a very efficient parking solution, but it is also possible to maximize the profits from the building by finding one of these solutions.
Innovative Parking Solutions
While hydraulic vehicle lift systems have been in use all over the world for many years now, they are still relatively new parking technologies in Canada. These vehicle lift systems are far superior in terms of efficiency over standard parking solutions such as parking lots or parking garages. The reason for this is the ability to park one or more vehicles on top of each other in a stacking manner. No other parking solution makes use of the available vertical space like a car lift system. Exploiting the available vertical space means that more cars can be parked in a much smaller area. This frees up other space for:
  • Storage
  • Additional residential units
  • Retail stores
Residential units and retail stores are especially attractive since they are income earning possibilities that help to increase overall revenue for the building while essentially paying for the parking solution in practically no time.
Hydraulic car lift systems can be implemented for almost any parking need, but they tend to be best suited to the following types of implementations:
  • Multi-Family Residential (Sale or Rental)
  • Office Building
  • Commercial Building
  • Single Family Home
Added Benefits of Car Lift Parking Solutions
The nature of these types of parking solutions means that there are a few other inherent benefits that are associated with them. Due to the efficiency of parking that these systems have, the vehicles take up a relatively small area meaning they are much easier to secure. The need for security officers and video surveillance is significantly decreased resulting in reductions in operating costs.
Maintenance costs are also very low with the parking systems typically requiring maintenance once a year. Even the busiest systems generally only require maintenance twice a year at most.
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